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Physical Resources

Oostburg Public Library offers a multitude of free resources to be checked out by our patrons, including thousands of books and movies.

Cake Pan, Cookie Cutters and Baking Kits Collections

Check out a cake pan, a set of cookie cutters or a baking kit to create a special treat. They can be checked out for 2 weeks! You may reserve by calling the library at 920-564-2934. They must be checked out at and returned to the Oostburg Public Library.

Cookie Cutter Sets: Alphabet & Numbers, Animals, Baby, Christmas, Dog &Bones, Easter 1 & 2, Fall 1 & 2; Halloween 1&2; Gingerbread Family, Snowflakes, Shapes, Sports & Vehicles,Valentine Hearts.

Baking Kits: Cookie Count and Bake, Strawberry Shortcake, Valentine,

  • Decorating Kit:Cupcakes/Wilton Dessert Decorator Plus
  • Decorating Kit: Wilton Decorating/Fondant Kit

100 Cake Pans Available

  1. Angel Food Cake Pan-One Piece
  2. Angel Food Cake Pan-two pieces
  3. Angel Food Cake Pan-mini hearts
  4. Baking Pan Set-5 pieces nonstick
  5. Batman Cake Pan-bat symbol
  6. Bells Cake Pan
  7. Big Bird Cake Pan
  8. Book Cake Pan-two mix size
  9. Book Cake Pan-one mix size
  10. Bundt Cake Pan
  11. Bundt Cake Pan-minis
  12. Bunny Cake Pan
  13. Bunny Cake Pan-3D- 2 pieces
  14. Bunny Cake Pan-minis
  15. Buzz Lightyear Cake pan-Disney Toy Story
  16. Car Cake Pan- 3D Cruiser
  17. Car Cake Pan-Race Car
  18. Car Cake Pan-Sporty
  19. Chick in Egg Cake
  20. Choo-choo Train
  21. Christmas Cookie Pan
  22. Christmas Tree Cake Pan
  23. Christmas Tree Cake Pan-Treelightful
  24. Christmas Tree Cake Pan-minis #1
  25. Christmas Tree Cake Pan-minis #2
  26. Cinderella Cake Pan
  27. Cookie Monster Cake Pan-Sesame Street
  28. Count Cake Pan-Sesame Street
  29. Cowboy Cake Pan
  30. Cross Cake Pan
  31. Cupcake Cake (Giant Non-stick)
  32. Daisy Flower Cake Pan
  33. Darth Vader Cake Pan-Star Wars
  34. Diego Cake Pan-Dora the Explorer
  35. Dinosaur Plastic Cake Pan Tyrannosaurus
  36. Doll Cake Pan-Raggedy Ann
  37. Doll Cake Pan-wonder mold
  38. Dome Cake Pans-3 piece set
  39. Donald Duck Cake Pan
  40. Donut Cake Pan-2 pieces
  41. Dora Cake Pan-Dora The Explorer
  42. Easter Cake Pan -minis
  43. Easter Egg Cake Pan-minis #1
  44. Easter Egg Cake Pan-minis #2
  45. Elmo Cake Pan
  46. Fire Truck Cake
  47. Fish Cake Pan
  48. Flower Cookie Treat pan
  49. Flower Power Cake Pan
  50. Frankenstein Cake Pan
  51. Ghost Cake Pan
  52. Gingerbread Boy Cake Pan
  53. Gingerbread Boy Cake Pan-minis
  54. Graduation Cap Cake Pan-Topping Off Success
  55. Guitar Cake Pan
  56. Harry Potter Cake Pan
  57. Heart Cake Pans-3 pieces
  58. Heart Cake Pan-Double Tier
  59. Hello Kitty Cake Pan
  60. Holly Hobby Cake Pan
  61. Home Run Hitter
  62. Jack-O-Lantern Cookie Treat Pan
  63. Lamb Cake Pan-Lovable Lamb
  64. Lightning McQueen Cake Pan-Disney Cars
  65. Loaf Pan-minis #1
  66. Loaf Pan-minis #2
  67. Mickey Mouse Cake Pan-head
  68. Minnie Mouse Cake Pan
  69. Monkey Cake Pan
  70. Muffin Pan (Mini Non-Stick 24 count)
  71. Mug Cake Pan-Good Cheer
  72. Oval Cake Pans-2 piece set
  73. Pennant Pan Cake
  74. Poffertjes Pan (Dutch Mini Pancakes)
  75. Popover Pan
  76. Pumpkin Cake Pan
  77. Puppy Cake Pan-Precious Puppy
  78. Round Tiered Cake Pan Set-4 pieces
  79. Rubber Ducky Cake Pan (3-D)
  80. Sandwich Cookie Cake Pan Set
  81. Scooby-Doo! Cake Pan
  82. Sesame Street Cake Pan-minis
  83. Sheet Cake Pan
  84. Snowflake Cake Pan
  85. Snowman Cake Pan
  86. Snowmen Cake Pan-minis
  87. Snowman Cookie Pan
  88. Spiderman Cake Pan
  89. Sports ball Cake Pan Set-4 pieces
  90. Springform Pan Set- 4 pieces
  91. Star Cake Pan
  92. Star Cake Pan-minis
  93. Superman or Batman Cake
  94. Teddy Bear Cake Pan
  95. Topsy Turvy Cake Pan
  96. Tractor Cake Pan-NordicWare
  97. Transformers Cake Pan
  98. Valtrompia Cake Pan Set-Pampered Chef-9 pieces
  99. Winnie-The-Pooh Cake Pan
  100. Winnie-The-Pooh Cookie Treat Pan